Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fort Knox

Everybody knows that Fort Knox is where the gold is stored, but I never knew it was also a military base and a town.

First we did a drive by of the vault (they won't let you in)

Which was on. . .

Then we went to the Patton Museum in the town of Fort Knox - more tanks and armored vehicles than you can imagine.

Oh look, it's John C. on his cross country trip!

Even more tanks.

I was fascinated by this piece of the Berlin Wall. This is the East Berlin side. . .

And this is the West.

They also had lots of Patton memorabilia like his staff car.

This is actually the car he was riding in when he was involved in an accident which ultimately took his life.

There was a lot of information on his life and quotes from letters he wrote. I thought this was funny.

This big guy was a prototype that was never built because the war ended.


For those interested in visiting this extensive collection of armored vehicles, you better hurry. We were told it was all being moved to Fort Benning, GA. However the Patton exhibit will remain in Fort Knox.


  1. Hey, John C. is looking good!!!

    Did you really get locked in?

  2. After reading that quote from Patton, I realize everyone has bad days!!! I'm surprised that his father would publish it, though. Tell the gang HI for us.

  3. No, the gate was open, but the sign did startle me. I hadn't seen any rules to obey. What if I disobeyed one without knowing it? :-)

  4. I love the difference between the East side of the wall and the West.

  5. Wow, what a Summer trip. Ain't life good!!