Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt NP (part 2)

On Thursday, we moved south and met up with our friend Brenda in Dickinson, ND. She's on her way east while we're heading south. With a little coordination on both our parts, we arraigned to meet at our crossing point. We had a great time - she's always fun. She and I even went to the movies. We were sorry to say good-bye today.

While in the area, we took a day to tour the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt NP. It was different than the north unit, but just as nice. After all, they don't call them national parks for nothing.

We started at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center which is at a rest area right on I94.

In the park, we drove the 36 mile scenic loop, stopping at all the overlooks. An obvious geological feature in the park is brick-red rock, locally called scoria. As far back as 9000 years ago, exposed coal periodically caught fire. The heat from these fires baked the overlying rocks and turned them red. We hiked a short trail through an area where a coal seam burned from 1951 to 1977.

We also took a short hike up the Ridgeline Trail where this guy was nice enough to pose.

But we had heard there were wild horses. Here Ron scopes out the surroundings for any movement.

But soon we ran across several horses. I was thrilled!

Then farther along, we saw more. These two look like twins (and took off a half second after I snapped this.)

The Wind Canyon Overlook is pretty special.

The Little Missouri River created a wide valley through the park.

Next post - the greatest roadside attraction you never heard of.


  1. The horses entertained us when we were there too.

  2. Loved the "twins." THAT is an unusual picture.

  3. The horses are beautiful! Love their long hair. I didn't know they were there.

  4. Did you notice that you are listing to the right in that picture? You have been in the coach far to long. You need to get out more! LOL
    BTW.. I am enjoying the trip with you.