Monday, July 5, 2010


We are now into, what to us is, exceptionally hot weather. To the natives, I guess it's just the same old, same old. The highs range between 105 and 115 and the lows are in the 80s. A couple of nights the LOW was 90! That's just crazy.

We wondered if the indoor/outdoor thermometer was going to burst. The outside probe is under the patio roof - it was really only about 115 that day. We have the air set at 82 which is very comfortable except in the Arizona room. Since that was enclosed after the original house construction, it doesn't have AC and is not concrete block. It's hot, although maybe not as hot as this says since the thermometer is mounted on one of those outside walls.

"So what do we do in this heat?" you may ask. Well if there is any work to be done (laundry, cleaning, whatever) we do that first thing in the morning. Any errands must be run as early as possible. Ron doesn't even have his normal projects because they involve working in the hot garage.

Since walking around the neighborhood is out, we joined the local 'multi-generational center'. They have a huge selection of exercise equipment. Ron walks around the indoor track and uses the weight lifting equipment. While I take advantage of the treadmill.

I never realized how boring treadmills are. There are five TVs mounted in a row on the wall, each one with closed captioning. Unfortunately, I think I must have ADD, because the setup just overwhelms me. My eyes flip from one to the next and by the time I leave, I'm just dizzy.

We also walk the mall which I actually like better. No picture since I'm sure you know what a shopping mall looks like.

We've been taking advantage of one of our community pools. Now this is my idea of exercise. While there, I met some ladies who are making Christmas stockings for homeless kids and asked if I wanted to help. I thought, "Okay, sew them together and slap some trim around the top. Easy!"

But, no. These ladies are over-achievers. They really have a system going. When I reported for duty, they asked what I wanted to do - cut, trace patterns, paint, trim. I said that maybe I could handle cutting them out and gluing trim around the top.

I also have homework - I take them home to sew.

Here's Carol who is spearheading the project with her youngest assistants. The goal is 1000 stockings and we're right on schedule at halfway there.

Here are some of the finished stockings. They'll be stuffed with a combination of practical items and a fun item. They did 500 last year and said the rewards were unimaginable.


  1. It is interesting to see what goes on in Phoenix in the summer if you don't go to an air conditioned office and you aren't John McCain campaigning in his first election (remember that story from the last campaign?). In Colorado we exercised inside in the winter. In Arizona that's for summer. How much longer?

  2. I'm glad you are keeping busy and finding ways to deal with the heat.

    Christmas in July!! = ) The stockings are beautiful.

    Hope you can head to the COOL soon!!

  3. YEAH for you! I wish everyone would do some kind of volunteering. The rewards are immeasurable.

  4. I love the stockings (and anything Christmas) but I sure do miss you guys.

  5. The pool looks like the perfect way to spend this hot summer, its the same here only figure in the humidity and the thunderstoms--
    The stocking project seems to be a very good cause, I know it will be rewarding!!
    Stay COOL

  6. Glad to see that even though you're still stuck in AZ, you are not letting any grass grow under your feet. Of course, with that heat, it's probably dead and not growing anyway! ;c)

  7. How cute!! How is Ron's finger by now? Are you going to be hitting the road?