Monday, July 11, 2011

Change of Pace

Since we were in a campground right across the street, we decided to visit the Collier Logging Museum in Chiloquin, OR. They had an amazing amount of logging equipment plus lots of other old stuff. Not really my thing. Now if the equipment had been operational and they were demonstrating how it worked, that would be cool. But just to see it lying around didn't really impress me. However in an effort to pretend to be well rounded, I'll do a post on it.

There were a couple of big saw thingies that I'm sure were very dangerous to operate.

Ron was very impressed by this Beloit Tree Harvestor.

With its arm thingy, it could delimb a 62 foot tree and shear a 24 inch tree off at the base.

I did kind of like this other thingy with all the wheels.

And the real log outhouse.

But soon I was wondering aimlessly looking for things I could understand. I found some rusty stuff for Diana.

And a locomotive for my father. (It was in with lots of other stuff, so I couldn't get a very good picture, but I'm hoping it's interesting.)

I'll even throw in the sign for this 'G.O.P.' engine.

I like the colors of the creek (this would be a river back east.) Who needs to go to Tahiti?

And look at the fine logging boots carved out of a log - how appropriate.

All kidding aside, it really was an impressive collection and maybe we should have come for the Saturday afternoon tour and learned something. One thing I do know, logging is a tough job and I wouldn't want to do it.


  1. yeah logging is big business here too--I have to watch out for those over loaded log trucks and stay as far away as possible--
    Those saws are HUGE!!
    I like the old car and the locomotive speaking of the GOP looks like we all need to do some pushing to get them moving..HA!

  2. Even though the museum equipment wasn't working, I bet you're glad you went and "saw" it. I got quite a "buzz" from looking at that old tree cutting stuff, your humorous view made me laugh and "split" my sides.

    I guess I'll now make like a tree and "leave". ;c)

  3. I love the thingy with all the wheels too. And that creek does look like it has a reef in it!