Monday, November 28, 2011

Signs of Autumn

Let's face it, since we're back in Mesa for the winter, I'll have to be more creative with my posts. I was thinking, "What does autumn mean to me?" Well of course there are a couple of fun holidays, but I'm going to go with 'pumpkin chucking'.

Although this fine tradition is celebrated in various places, we were in Moab a few years ago for their annual Pumpkin Chuckin' contest. What a hoot!

The chucking methods ranged from the basic catapult

To this elaborate dragon cannon.

These cute little girls displayed plenty of heart, but their pumpkin only went about 10 feet.

These guys went for the basic giant slingshot and dressed the part.

But there was really no competition for the dragon cannon which hurled a pumpkin clear out of sight.


  1. You have had wonderful travels again this year. Now, it is time to winter in a very nice warm town.

  2. Oh how clever. That is something I have never seen or even thought of.

  3. I Had to LOL thinking of some guy or gal hiking in the desert maybe a mile away....just out there alone solitude and all... oblivious to this Pumkin tossing and then the quiet of his/her hike is suddenly, loudly, and orangely interrupted by a Pumpkin that suddenly fell from the
    Just imagine that story when they got home..
    "I tell you--- it fell right out of the sky!!""";o))