Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Excitement Never Ends

When you live in an 'over-55' community, things become interesting that were never even noticed before. One day, Ron and I realized the wet spot in front of our house was not drying up. He called the Mesa water people and we awaited developments.

The next day there were some hyroglyphics added to the blacktop. I think this is code for 'some crazy people live here who are full of BS.'

As the workers started digging, I started snapping.

Soon they had to bring in the big sucky machine to empty out the waterhole.
At this point they noticed me lurking so I told them they were the entertainment for the day. They were very nice. (I could see them thinking, "Ah, she's old enough to be my grandmother.")

Remarkably soon, they found the problem. No wonder the street was flooded. I congratulated the guys on finding it so quickly and one confided, "We got lucky."

And before you could say 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', it was repaired.

They brought in some clean dirt to fill the hole.

And patted it down with the backhoe.

Then finished packing with the 'big foot' thing.

After topping it off with some crushed blacktop and packing that down, it was finished. They told Ron they would be back in a couple of weeks or months to permanently fix the blacktop.

During the repair, five other neighbors came by to see what was happening. I bet the workers just love the over-55 communities!


  1. Did the neighbors come over to see if it was a funeral? After all, it is a 55 and over neighborhood... ;c)

  2. If you typed "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" without having to copy and paste it from somewhere else ... my hat is off to you :-))))

  3. I am finding out that watching the neighborhood is a lot more interesting than watching TV, and a whole lot cheaper, too.

  4. Me too!! I love watching stuff like that. Must drive them nuts to have all these people watching them. LOL.

  5. Great Post! It made me smile at a time when smiles are few and far between. Feeling pretty lonely right now!

    First Christmas time without my dear wife of 42 years.

  6. Isn't it great to have the time to notice these things?

  7. IM just sitting here adding up the tab to replace that ONE INCH of copper pipe...lets see there were about 5 city employees, a huge digger, an GIGANTIC sucker machine, a TEN TON dump Truck, a Larger than life Stomping machine, a truck load of crushed up rocks and MY GOODNESS I bet its more than I make in a YEAR!! All they really needed was one guy with a shovel and a jackhammer...
    good curbside Reporting Barbara!!

  8. I love the "big sucky machine" and the "big foot thing." Who cares what the real names are? Your description was probably more accurate! BTW- We had 9 inches of snow last night. Beautiful to look at, but we're staying home!!

  9. You could probably get a professional reporter's job! Great story.