Sunday, January 8, 2012

Taking in the Desert

The other day Ron and I took a short hike to appreciate the nearby desert. The Dutchman Trail is a gentle uphill grade through some nice scenery. It takes off from the end of First Water Road off AZ 88.

The trail has several stream crossings, some with and some without water. It's always a surprise to see water in the desert.

Just watch out for the cholla cactus.

I like the interesting rocks along the way.

After about two miles, we admired this view of Weaver's Needle then turned around.

On the return trip, we noticed these 'ancient' petroglyphs.

Hum, maybe not so ancient.


  1. Looks like old Iron "Crek" didn't pay attention in second grade spelling.

    More fun in the desert! We can't wait to get there.

  2. Actually the swastika is an ancient symbol, but if Iron Crek did it, he probably didn't know that. Great shots from a great hike!

  3. IM SO jealous...I havent had time to get a hike in for a while,,,,thats something I need to correct!! lovely photos of your hike..the desert looks awesome...
    I think the first petroglyph may be the real thing...SUPER find.