Friday, February 15, 2013

Finally, a Hike

Ron's son Jim took the time to pay us a visit which inspired us to get out and go on a hike.  We really need to get back in the hiking habit now that the weather is so wonderful.

We took Jim out to the base of the Superstition Mountains where he noticed this group of saguaros.
It looks like they're having a meeting.

Recently we had some heavy rains and the desert has turned green.
I can't wait until the poppies are blooming.

We stayed far away from the 'jumping' cholla cactus.  Just look at all the pieces that jumped off the plant and missed their targets.  Scary.

I decided that I need to come back in the afternoon next time for a good shot of the mountains.

You can see why I don't take many people pictures.  Here Jim and Ron look like they're in a police line up.

BTW, we had a wicked winter this year - I think the worst four days since we've been here.  It got down to the 20's for four straight nights.  Wreaked havoc on all the less-than hardy plants like these trees.
For several days, it looked like a ghost town around here with all the sheets covering the tender plants.

We've been working on taking down one of the orange trees.  With fruit from a grapefruit, a lemon, and two orange trees, the logistics of getting rid of the fruit is difficult.  This year I was proactive and packed up a couple of boxes a week before the food banks became too deluged and turned down citrus donations.

It took four loads of our giant trash can to take out the tree, but now I'm planning a garden to replace it.


  1. Sometimes I just wish we had your wicked winters!!

  2. I'd like to go hiking in the late afternoon too - maybe we can get some good shots.

  3. Looks like Jim and Ron were kind of stuck to that cactus behind them.

    Sorry to hear you've had to "slog" through such horrid winter weather... :cO