Friday, January 17, 2014

Fremont Saddle

For our first hike of the new year, we joined up with John and Carol to hike the Peralta Trail as far as Fremont Saddle.  I'll admit this hike didn't seem as hard the last time Ron and I did it.

Even the view from the parking lot is pretty spectacular.

The trail gains 1400 feet in two miles.  I always say 1000 feet in one mile is really steep, so I thought this wouldn't be too terrible.  (I was wrong.)

I'm blaming it on all the rocks we had to climb over because it can't be that I'm older.  I like how the saguaro is pointing the way for Ron in this picture.

This couple carried their twins all the way up.

There was a lot of pretty scenery along the way, which we admired during our frequent rest stops.

John noticed that this rock formation looks like several slices of bread.  I had to agree.

I think we're getting close to the top.

We made it to the saddle with an attrition rate of only 25%.  Here Carol, John, and I are posing in front of Weaver's Needle.  According to legend, the Needle's shadow indicates the location of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.  We didn't search for it.

But I can't leave Ron out and dug up this picture of him from our previous hike in 2010.

Then all we had to do was climb all the way back down where we found Ron well rested in the car.


  1. We definitely have to go back and do that hike! Your photos are great.

  2. You didn't look for gold on your hike? So much for your dream of that new Prevost RV! :cD

  3. Wish I was there its COLD here...Elevation Gain does make a difference for sure!! Love those graggy rock formations, and the needle too.

  4. Slices of wheat bread at that!

    As long as there's scenery and I can really take my time, I don't mind elevation gains.

  5. Beautiful pics, to me that was quite an elevation gain, good job.

  6. Of course it's not that you're older, don't be ridiculous! Nice looking hike all we have here is snow and cold and wind. Tuesday it's getting up to 28, no snow so I'm plotting to leave the house no matter how much snow we get overnight. That's why mankind invented boots and snowpants, right?