Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sittin' on Top of the World

Well, maybe not really, but we were very happy with our stay of several days at one of our favorite spots – along the Mogollon Rim.  The Rim is the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau and runs for more than 200 miles across Arizona and into New Mexico.  It is rarely less than a near vertical drop of 1200 feet and at many points rises to 2000 feet above the Tonto Basin.

As well as established campgrounds in the area, there are many places to boondock in the national forest, but our favorite is along FR 9350 which is 5 miles from AZ 260 along the Rim Road.  When we turned onto 9350, we were thrilled to see this sign.

Yes, I know we are no fun, but we both happen to be allergic to smoke.

Here’s our site, right along the rim with views for miles.

We could have picked a spot even closer to the rim, but I liked the security of a few trees between us and the big drop.

For any WINs who might visit the area this summer, our good friend Duaine C. is hosting at the Woods Canyon Group Area.  We surprised him with a visit and were happy to see him doing well.
One day we hiked around Woods Canyon Lake which we had been told was about 3 ½ miles.  Well, it turned out to be more like 5, but since it was an easy and pretty hike, we can’t complain.  Besides, who would listen?

What, you may ask, are the telescopes pointing to?  Well, let me take a picture through the lens.

Hmm, that's not very good.  Let's try using the zoom on the camera.
The naturalists were happy to tell us about the eagles’ nest with two growing chicks.  We just saw Mama – Papa was off hunting and the chicks were hiding.  (I asked how they knew this was the female and they said that she is bigger.)

Another shot from the other side of the lake.

Another day we took a bike ride.  This paved trail goes for miles right along the rim.

This is the view out our front window at sunset.  It just doesn't get any better.

We were enjoying our stay a bit too much and had to ‘beat feet’ when the snow flurries began.

For anybody who is interested, the coordinates for our particular site are 34.33932, -110.98406, but there are lots of great spots along that road.


  1. You're allergic to smoke? I guess you'd better stay out of Colorado... :cD

  2. Beautiful! I've written it in my to-do notes. I also like no campfires because campers tend to go where they can have one. Enjoy!

  3. Didn't they feature that hike in AZ HWY's this month? I think they did! It sure is pretty there! Wish I was there! Snow and All.

  4. We loved the sites on that road. But snow in May? As I recall it was quite warm when we were there last year at the end of May.

  5. What a stunning view you have!

  6. I don't care for the whole campfire thing either, but at least I'm not allergic.
    Great pics of the eagles!

  7. What a great place, and geographically interesting. Stunning. Thanks for the co ordinates. I use them so I can get a really good idea of the surrounding area.

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  9. I like that paved trail. Great place to bike.
    I had assumed female American Eagles didn't have white heads. (Males are usually more showy.) I learned something.

  10. I'm with you on campfires. Lovely boondocking site; no wonder you like it up there. Thanks for the coordinates.