Friday, October 16, 2015

Off Again

We were only back home in Mesa for a few days before winging our way to the Northeast.  We spent a few days visiting my father in PA, then took a road trip to the Catskills in NY.  We met up with sister Diana and Phil for some fall foliage viewing.

At first, it seemed we were early for the best color, but we did find this cute gazebo near the hotel.

We researched attractions in the area and went to see them all.  First up was the 1860 Livingston Manor Covered Bridge which was since lovingly restored.

Look at the interesting construction.

With wooden nuts.

Then we paid a visit to the museum and site of the epic Woodstock, which was not in Woodstock, NY, but 50 miles away in Bethel Woods.

Ironically, it's a really elaborate museum to commemorate an outdoor event which was plagued by rain and mud.

Cool bus.

Although we were the right age for Woodstock in 1969, neither of us heard about it until it was over.  Not that we would have gone, but it just seems funny.  Diana and Phil make a good rocker duo.

And here's the actual site where 400,000 people gathered in August, 1969, to listen to music and whatnot.

Our last stop was the beautiful Stone Arch Bridge, built in 1880 by Swiss German immigrants Henry and Philip Hembdt.  I couldn't decide which picture to choose, so I'm posting two.  What the heck, they're cheap.

Yes, I know, some colored leaves would have been perfect.

Next post, our quest to find those autumn leaves.


  1. I want that psychedelic bus! How "hip" man...I am just in time for fall color around here in CO....actually a little bit past primo but Ill take it! I like both shots of the arched bridge...

  2. Beautiful bridge. After our covered bridge tours in Oregon and then again in Vermont, I really love seeing the different trusses and construction methods.

  3. I like covered bridges, but that stone bridge with the reflection is the winner this time.

  4. Come on, fess up! You really were at Woodstock but with all the aromatic smoke that was inhaled there, no wonder you have trouble remembering... :cP

  5. The first stone bridge photo reminds me of Varsity Bridge at our alma mater, the University of Colorado. The fall color is spectacular--we don't have that in Colorado.

  6. I was at Woodstock......well when the film came out I went to see it! I like the bridge photo with the weir best.

    1. Me too, Dave. It was a pretty good movie and I had a much more comfortable seat than the actual participants.