Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sawtooth NRA (part 4)

Another day we drove around Redfish Lake, looking for that iconic lake/mountain picture. 

As I was taking this picture from the visitors center, I thought it looked familiar.

Sure enough, I had taken the same picture 10 years earlier.  I dug this one out of my Flickr account which I had before I started the blog.
 Sawtooth mountains

We also took the Fishhook Creek Trail.

Where we spotted this whale skeleton.  What a surprise!   LOL

I always love nature’s rock gardens, although they never look as good in a picture.

These are Mariposa Lilies in Idaho, very similar to the Sago Lilies from Arizona.

We also stopped at Little Redfish Lake, which is just as pretty as its big brother.


  1. SO beautiful there the jagged peaks and the lake very photogenic!! I like the snowy shot also. That rock garden is exceptional.

  2. Water and jagged mountains ... an unbeatable combo.