Saturday, April 29, 2017


While in City of Rocks SP, we took a day trip to Silver City.  We had been there last year for a few nights and thought it was worth a return visit.  While walking around the cute downtown area, we came across this sign and wondered just what kind of business it could be.

Well, as we pressed our noses to the door like tourists, Patrick, the showroom manager waved us in from the other side.  He then proceeded to give us a tour of this unique hand-made tile business.  It was fascinating!  

Many of the tiles are cut with cookie-cutter type tools.  This day they were molding tiles with a protruding design - one at a time.

After drying on racks, the soft clay pieces then go into a kiln to harden into bisque.

Next is the glazing process which can be multiple applications.  These tiles were receiving four coats.

Next, the edges are evened and cleaned of any drips.

Then they are fired again to make the beautiful tiles displayed in the showroom and sent to customers.

It was an amazing experience to see all the individual attention and work that goes into each tile.  They obviously take great pride in their product and it shows.  If you ever get to Silver City, look them up and ask Patrick for the grand tour.  


  1. It's so much fun when you stumble upon something different and interesting. Beautiful tiles.

  2. Pretty cool seeing the process, but I still don't get what SYZYGY means... ;c)