Saturday, August 12, 2017

Abiquiu (part 2)

I think the highlight of our time in the Abiquiu area was a trip to a little known area just north of town.  We actually went twice because I didn’t like the way my pictures turned out the first time with the gloomy skies.

So we picked a day when the clouds weren’t too oppressive and tried again.  On the way, we stopped at a pullout for a shot of Rio Chama.

But this was our goal – Plaza Blanca.  These spectacular white sandstone formations are on land owned by the Dar al Islam mosque, but luckily they don’t mind respectful tourists.

At first glance, the formations reminded me of Tent Rocks NM outside of Santa Fe.

But these also had some color in places.

And some of the cliffs had interesting crisscross features.

We walked along the arroyo admiring the towering rock walls.

Some of the tops had red caprock.

It really is a special place and well worth a second visit.


  1. It does look a lot like Tent Rocks. Were you able to hold on to your camera there?

  2. We were at Plaza Blanca last spring and found not only it but the entire area beautiful. Great photos.