Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy 90th!

After my flights across the country, we hurried to attend our friend John’s 90th birthday party.  He and several other RVing friends own large lots between Show Low and Concho, Arizona.  At 7000 feet, the weather was perfect in mid-September and we happily settled in on Roy’s lot, who unfortunately wasn’t there. 

We had requested that John put us away from the main group because we assumed they would have nightly campfires.  Here’s a picture from the roof.

These lots were sold to unsuspecting out-of-staters who didn’t realize the problems associated with building there.  To dig a well, it would have to be over 1100 feet deep.  The ground is very rocky and a septic is either difficult and expensive or nearly impossible.  A few lots have electric, but it’s thousands of dollars to have brought in.  But it’s a beautiful place to boondock with an RV.

The celebration was five days of fun and reconnecting with old WIN friends.  Here’s John snuggling up to Corrinne.

And here he is with the shirt that Ron and I bought him.  I can’t take credit for the idea since Diana bought one like it for our father’s 90th and Ron’s girls both bought similar ones for his 80th.  (I know, I know, it’s hard to imagine that Ron is 80, but all who know John find it just as hard to believe that he is 90.)

There were daily activities planned, both onsite as part of the celebration and off site.  One day we joined several other vehicles for a rough trip through the national forest to the top of Greens Peak.  On the way up, we had some excitement when Sue had a flat tire. 

Ron to the rescue with our can of Fix-a-flat.  He used up the whole can which only brought it up to about 20 psi (which might have been because it was a really old can), then he got out the 12-volt air compressor to finish it off.  I was sure I got a picture of him at work, but it seems to be gone.  Sue is certainly braver than I.  Instead of turning around at that point, she just continued to the top with the rest of us.  However, days later, we heard that the tire was remaining fully inflated.  Amazing.

The view from the top was quite impressive.

But it was also very windy as demonstrated by Larry and his ‘stay puft’ jacket.

Later that day, we found out that Carol also had a flat caused by this giant metal spike that was so far in her tire that the end was level with the tread.  She’s smiling because she made it home before it went flat.

The actual birthday party was on Saturday and what a shindig it was!  His children had ordered unbelievable party favors, including can cozies, cups, name tags, and in the bag . . .

Personalized cookies that really did resemble John.

John even got the Mountain Saddle Band to entertain and they were terrific!

They had lots of pictures of John as a young stud,

But he demonstrated that he still has it when he and Sally ‘pole danced’ on top of the storage container.  Sally was a real sport – even wearing his Budweiser shorts for our amusement.

This last picture was posted and reposted so many times on FaceBook that I don’t know who to credit for taking it.  It’s most, but probably not all of John’s well-wishers who attended this very happy event. 

We love you, John!   

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  1. What a fantastic gathering to celebrate a big birthday. Ron is doing well too. I wonder if its all down to being active, outdoors and doing interesting things.