Monday, April 7, 2008


On our way out of Cisco, we passed Eastland. As I take my job of co-pilot, navigator, travel guide, and researcher very seriously, I was reading the Texas travel guide and found the most amazing fact about Eastland. I'll just copy what was in the guide since I couldn't paraphrase any better. . . .

"According to apparently authentic records and witnesses, a Texas horned toad (a type of lizard) was sealed in the cornerstone of the Eastland courthouse built in 1897. In 1928 a new courthouse was erected, the prior cornerstone was opened, and the horned toad was found alive! The small animal received great publicity and was displayed nationally. When it died the following year of pneumonia, it was placed in a glass-front casket, on view in the present county courthouse."

Well, this was worth a side trip into town! We found out his name was Old RIP (perhaps bestowed posthumously) and here he is in his velvet lined casket.

The picture was difficult to take since he is well protected behind glass. Well, he is a hero!


  1. I'm not sure I believe that story. How is it possible?
    Anyway, are you going to WY this summer?

  2. That just can't be true! They just want suckers like you to come spend money in their town!

  3. You are both such skeptics! How can you doubt it - it's in writing!

    Sally, we are planning to do the Lake Superior tour at this time, but who knows if our plans will change.

  4. Gross, a dead lizard behind glass! :)