Friday, September 12, 2008

Bells and Balls

Today, no, actually, yesterday (I have to stop posting these in the middle of the night,) the WINs made the trip to Maroon Bells Scenic Area. We were hoping for fresh snow and nice blue sky. We had a little of each.

Ron took this one of the famous landmark during the period of the most blue sky all day. I like his picture because it shows the different colors in Maroon Lake. I don't remember that gorgeous green algae from the last time I was there.

Here's a closer shot of the lake - it's even greener looking into the sun. I know you probably think I'm a little nutty about the algae, but everybody was talking about it.

Here's Ron admiring the red spires of Siewers Mountain on the north side of Maroon Lake. It's a lovely mountain, but largely ignored - probably because it's named Siewers instead of a fanciful name like Maroon Bells.

Oh, we were also hoping for yellow aspens, but this is the only little group that had even begun to change.

We did a short hike around the lake and to a non-existent waterfall. On our way back we noticed the Bells behind us had become fogged in. I thought it was an interesting look.

And I couldn't resist this wildflower growing in the parking lot.

I pulled this shot out of my archives from our trip three years ago. If you listen to Diana and get to Maroon Bells really early, you can get this nice reflection. We were a bit later today.

In the evening, most of us participated in our tri-annual bowling outing. (Is that what you call something you have every three years?) Here Max prepares for his approach while Phil waits his turn.

I know these pictures are terrible, but I didn't want to use a flash and startle them. Who knows where the ball might have gone!

When I got home and went through my pictures, low and behold there was one of me. I suspect that Max is responsible. Just look at my intense concentration.

Although everybody had their own style, I think we all agreed that Linda looked the best. I was so impressed that I just kept taking her picture. Here are a few.

The guy in the next lane (not a WIN) was using this ball. Pretty spooky. Ron wondered if it was balanced properly with the eye holes in the skull.


  1. Ah, more memories of my trip to Maroon Bells and bowling three years ago.

    Thanks for the memories!!

  2. You mean out of all those pictures you took of the Bells, you liked Ron's the best? Isn't that the way it always is...

    That Max is pretty sneaky!