Saturday, September 6, 2008


For the past nine days, we've been in Denver area visiting with Ron's family. Luckily we seem to go through Denver at least once a year, and this time it happened to be Ron's birthday. There was a huge bash on the big day with more relatives than I (who have one cousin - Hi, Linda) ever imagined existed. Shame on me, I didn't have my camera with me for it, but here are a few of the immediate group.

Ron's daughter Kim and son-in-law Tom braved the wrath of the homeowners association and allowed us to park in front of their house for the two weekends. (We moved to a local park during the week.)

Daughter Kelli also flew in from San Diego during the same time frame. Here's the proud Papa with his beautiful daughters.

Ron's son Jim was also there from Salt Lake City for the first weekend, but I'm ashamed to say I forgot to get his picture.

Ron bought grandson Adam a fishing pole and gave him some pointers (in the front yard?)

Ah, that's more like it. They went to Bear Creek Lake and Adam even got a bite. I'm sure it was gigantic, but it got away.

Meanwhile Aunt Kelli and Shannon made some lovely jewelry - Shannon even made me a necklace.

We left Denver today and met up with some of the WINs in El Jebel, CO. If you look really hard, you might find us parked in this picture. Well, maybe not.


  1. Hi cousin Barb,

    We are enjoying your travels. I do wish you would soon leave Colorado - I am homesick.

  2. Hey Barb,

    Don't I count as a cousin too?


  3. Sorry, Terry, of course you count. In fact, you are my very favorite cousin-in-law!