Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Trip

As we have in previous years, Ron and I went to Denver to be with his family for Christmas. As always, we had a lovely time. However unlike the previous years when we drove the 1126 miles each way (but who's counting?), we flew from tiny Yuma.

The airport in Yuma made me laugh. When your flight is called, you walk outside, then through the 'gate' and to the plane. And this terminal was just opened in 1999. I have to wonder what it looked like before then.

Flying out of Yuma, we passed over the BLM land where the WINs are parked. You can see all the RVs, the trees where the locals conduct their paintball wars, the canal, and the dirt runway where the crop dusters take off and land until four in the morning.

This year, Ron's sister-in-law Peg and husband Harry are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Certainly an impressive milestone. Ron and I, along with his son Jim and daughter Kelli, took them to dinner in honor of the occasion.

On Christmas Eve, we were lucky enough to see Santa out and about. I guess in Denver Santa drives an SUV.

All Peg and Harry's relatives meet at their house on Christmas Eve. I counted 36 people which is a bit overwhelming to me. When we had all our relatives at my Grandmother's on Christmas, it amounted to ten people.

Here are Ron's son-in-law, two daughters, son, and two grandchildren with Peggy during the massive present exchange.

There's nothing better than experiencing the joy and wonder of children on Christmas morning. Shannon (7) and Adam (who turned 10 on Christmas) made the day very special.

Ron had to try out Adam's new skateboard. I was hoping we weren't going to spend time in the emergency room for Christmas.

Ron had his best Christmas present on our way home. While waiting for our connecting flight in Phoenix, we went to Chili's for dinner. When he ordered a beer, the waiter carded him! I should have gotten a picture of that!


  1. Love the shot of the VFW from the air. I have carefully analyzed exactly which spot is furthest away from the railroad track, and plan to park there next year!

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  3. Looks like a great Christmas. I'm glad yo had safe fights.

  4. Glad you are back, see you after the New Year. Looks like you had lots of fun and laughter with family.

  5. Ten! Our full house is now 6. Our family seems to be getting smaller or we are too far away from each other. Happy New Year.

  6. Well Ho Ho Ho ya'll and happy new years. May all your miles be good one's.