Monday, December 1, 2008

Side Trip

On Friday Ron and I left the RV with our friends outside of Borrego Springs and took the car to San Diego. Although we missed the turkey leftovers, turkey soup, and ice cream social, we did get to see lots of relatives.

Ron's daughter Kelli was our gracious hostess. She recently adopted a pet - little Lucy. (As in, "Lucy, you have some 'plaining to do." I know, I'm dating myself with the I Love Lucy line.)

Lucy really is a little cutie. I think Ron didn't know what to think about this tiny dog, but he was also charmed.

Here she is at her most adorable.

We had the chance to watch Ron's granddaughter McKayla in a soccer tournament. She is really good as is her whole team. As a non-athletic person, I am just amazed at what they can do. If you look closely, you can see the bump on her forehead that she got during the game. That didn't show her down though.

Then we met my niece Corrie and her family at the Studio Diner. I liked the film going around the building. (This picture is for my cousin who really likes diners.)

Here we are inside. The company and the food were both great. I haven't seen them for a year - Jonathan was just a couple months old then.

Here are Mara, Corrie, Brian, and little Jonathan. Aren't they a good-looking family?


  1. that is the cutest dog ever! And I don't even like dogs. Just too cute. He's lucky to have found a nice owner.

  2. Cute dog and even cuter great niece and nephew!

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  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nice looking family and cute dog, BUT CHECK OUT THAT HARLEY!!

  5. Thanks for the diner photo.
    Glad to see that you had a chance to visit family.