Thursday, March 5, 2009

New House

I was shocked today when I noticed that my last post was February 12th. Where has the time gone? We closed on our new house in Mesa on the 13th - yes, that was Friday the 13th. It's a good thing we're not superstitious. Since then, we've been constantly busy - who's idea was this anyway?

Here's Ron opening the multiple locks on the front door for the first time. I tried to get him to carry me across the threshold, but he had some lame 'bad back' excuse.

He realized he hadn't checked out the attic yet, so he borrowed the neighbor's ladder and up he went. What's up there anyway?

Oh, of course, the TV antenna. How tidy.

More later. . .


  1. Your house looks nice as far as we have seen. Congratulations.

    Didn't Ron read the warning about standing on the top of a ladder? He could end up with something worse than a "bad back."

  2. I know what you mean about being busy. I haven't posted for quite awhile either. I've been cleaning and painting and caulking and painting and cleaning and.....You're right!! Whose idea was it buy a house?

  3. That ladder looks wobbly. Maybe you should have been holding it for him instead of taking that "great" picture. Enjoy your place. sounds like fun setting up a cozy "off road" habitat.

  4. I so wanted to come by and see your new 'home'. But I had to leave before that happened. Now I may have to wait until next fall, boo hoo.