Monday, June 1, 2009

Sallisaw, OK

From the sample of Oklahoma that we experienced during our trip across the state, we noticed that Okies are a fun-loving group.

Take for example this dual dog walk at one of the rest areas.

We found a Corps of Engineer campground on a lovely lake. Since we arrived on Saturday, it was crowded and smoky from all those requisite campfires, but it cleared out nicely the next day.

Those of you familiar with the COE will recognize their symbol that somebody painted on one of the old bridge supports at the dam.

We had the best breakfast at a truck stop that had these kid-sized peddle cars all around the building. Ron and I got a kick out of them and found out we had something in common. We both knew somebody who had one when we were little and coveted it. How's that for compatibility?

We checked out Sallisaw's 14 Flags Museum comprised of a collection of historic buildings.

The fourteen flags represent the influence of 14 separate nations and peoples on Oklahoma's history, beginning with Spain on the far left through the current flag of Oklahoma at the near end.

I especially liked the old car and gas pump.

And finally, here's what happens when you have two rules to post and money in the budget for only one sign.


  1. Very interesting stop! That sign is halarious!

  2. The sign is great, but of course I love rusty stuff the best. Great old car and gas pump.

  3. Yes, the dual sign is great, but I like the dog signs best. I do love bureaucrats with a sense of humor. VERRRRY rare!

  4. The flgas were interesting to me. My grandpa Archie was born in Oklahoma when it was Indian Territory.