Friday, November 27, 2009

Playing House

Although we bought our little house last February, we still consider ourselves fulltime RVers. It's just a place to sit in the winter for now. Because of this mindset, I feel like I'm playing house. Ron has his projects and I pretend to know what I'm doing taking care of a house. It's been 8 years and I really wasn't very good at it then. Ron however is a wonder at being Mr. Handyman. Take for example the saga of the master bathroom.

When we bought the house, it had that 'stuck in the sixties' look.

Ron changed out the light and replaced the mirror with a big recessed mirrored medicine cabinet which I thought we would never fill. However universal law states that you will fill any available space and we did.

We were still stuck with a vanity top and sink that neither of us was crazy about so when we saw one in a thrift store in Yuma, I insisted it would fit the spot.

Well I was wrong. The new top was not deep enough, but never fear, Ron is always up for a challenge.

He simply added a 2x4 behind the back splash. Alright there was nothing simple about it, but he did it anyway.

Then he covered the board with a piece of molding that we already had in the garage!

And, voila! Here is the beautiful result. (Now I guess I need to get more colorful accessories.)

And we finally signed up for trash collection. I think only RVers can fully appreciate the convenience of having your trash hauled away. The company gave us this GIGANTIC can that will be emptied twice a week. At first you might wonder how we'll ever fill it, but when you have citrus trees that seem to always need trimming, it fills up pretty quickly. And then there are those days like today when we forget to put the thing out. Geez.


  1. We'll all be right over with our trash!

  2. Love the "self portrait" in the bathroom mirror! The new look is awesome.

  3. I just replaced the faucets in my sisters bathroom, and ours!! Its hard work but very rewarding!!

  4. You just reminded me why I don't want a house. It's enough for me just to keep the RV maintained.

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  6. Your bathroom is looking good!! Mine will have new flooring soon.

  7. I'm smiling at you playing house...girls we be girls.