Monday, November 2, 2009

Golden Shores, AZ

What a great name for a town! It conjures up sparkling sand alongside cool water. Although it is only a few miles from the Colorado River and there is plenty of desert sand, it's not exactly what you might picture from the name. However we had the best time there. There are two bar/restaurants in town where we met the nicest locals. We went to the Silver Dollar for Halloween which was especially fun. They had a costume contest and karaoke. I'm very sorry I forgot to bring the camera, but there were some really great costumes. Our WIN guys especially loved the 'Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader' and the really tall 'school girl' in the short plaid skirt. The karaoke was probably the best I ever heard. These people really practiced! My favorite was the guy who did a perfect mimic of 'The Monster Mash'. I also was amazed by a guy who sounded like Frank Sinatra and a girl dressed like a salt shaker who I swore was a professional singer. We danced, sang along, laughed, and had a great time and we didn't even dress up.

We stayed two miles out of town at a campground right on Topock Marsh. This made it convenient for taking leisurely paddles while we attempted some birdwatching. I also did some WIN watching. Here's Paul posing for the camera.

And Bill looks pretty peaceful.

What unusual bird has our leader Bob spotted?

Maybe this rare can-can bird?

These trees were like something out of a horror movie.

Isn't this guy cute?

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  1. Yes, that really is a great place. Even I kayaked there last year. It was fun dodging in and out of the dead trees.