Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Probably the nicest thing about owning a house is having a place to display objects that have special meaning to us. Once again, this post is only interesting to me and maybe a few others, but I'm going with it anyway.

First, we carried some of my father's photographic prints across the country in the RV. If you think that wasn't a challenge, just look at the size of these babies. Don't they look great?

My father has been taking gorgeous pictures for most of his life. I like to say he designed his house around the darkroom. To see a few of his pictures on Flickr, click here. (Keeping in mind that they were scanned in from film.)

I also have several of my mother's cross stitch masterpieces.

Here are some more of my mother's cross stitch pictures. Brenda gets the credit for suggesting that I put them in a triple frame.

Speaking of Brenda, she loaned us a few of her treasures too. After all, why should they languish in her storage space?

I also have a very special cross stitch sampler created by my aunt.

This is my favorite knickknack. I found it when I was out with the same aforementioned aunt. I love it because it reminds me of my two precious girls.

I know you're probably wondering where are Ron's treasures. Well he has some amazing pictures of his ancestors and has claimed the hallway for their display. So far that's a work in progress.


  1. There are some things we can't do well in an RV, aren't there? How long till I miss them, too?

  2. You certainly come from a talented family.

    I figured Ron's treasures are in the garage.

  3. Barbara, I just can't believe the similarities in our lives! My father, also, was a fabulous photographer, and many of my childhood memories revolve around the camera bag, which I was assigned to carry! Also, I do a lot of cross stitch and my mother was a wonderful knitter. No wonder, we call each other "friend," we share the same birthday month as well!

  4. Got tons of needlework pieces in my RV. When I run out of wall space they get velcroed to the ceiling. Of course, I have a closet full at my daughter's in Charlotte. I will show you my album when we get together next.

  5. Your father's pictures are incredible, especially "Storm Over Lake Erie," "Lobster Boat" and "Independence Rock." It's clear where you and Diana get your ability to take such fantastic phots.

  6. Family herilooms are the most treasured possessions worthy of keeping and you've done a beautiful job displaying them!!

  7. Can't wait to get there and see all your improvements in person!

  8. Now I see where you and your sister get that creativity. It is nice to have a place for your stuff. If only I did not have so much!

  9. We men know that only women can plan how the house should look!!!! Have a super Christmas.