Sunday, February 7, 2010

Precious Time with Friends

Today was a very good day even by retired standards. Our friend Sally, who has a blog here, stopped by for a visit on her way through town. What fun! We showed her around the house and she duly admired all Ron had done since her last visit. Then she and I left for our 2nd annual trip to the Mesa Swap Meet. (Does two times make it a tradition?)

As we were driving into the swap meet, sister Diana (blog here) called saying she and Phil had just arrived in town. Since we RVers are always up for a change in plans, we drove right back out and met them for lunch. I can't remember the last time we were all together. Of course, hilarity ensued.

After lunch, Sally and I hurried back to the swap meet where you can find some unusual vendors.

We didn't ask.

We saw what the well-dressed manikin (or womanikin) is wearing this year.

But this statue was my favorite. Sally said, "Look! It's Ron and Barbara." I hope not for a few years, but aren't we cute?

The Superbowl just ended and although I'm not much of a football fan, I have to say that was one terrific game. I'm glad New Orleans won in their first ever trip to the Superbowl. Like most Americans, I love the underdog and the residents of New Orleans deserve some good luck after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Who dat!


  1. Wow, you're fast!! It was fun day visiting, eating and shopping.

    Yeah, about those Saints. Good for them!!

  2. Lunch was great -- glad you changed your plans.