Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finger Update

Good News!!! After 1 1/2 weeks on Vancomycin, Ron's finger is actually starting to look better. The swelling is down, although it's still red especially along the crease of the knuckle and he still can't bend it. But it definitely looks better! We are very happy and relieved. Although we're afraid to go off the antibiotic for fear it will come back.

Since he is supposed to rest, he has been doing puzzles. He has more patience than I do.

Especially with this one which was terrible - all dull browns and greens. And if you look closely, you'll see two pieces are missing. That's what we get for buying used puzzles.

And for those of you who I told that my thumb swelled up, it's all better. I don't know if it was anything I did to fix it, but I think I might have over-medicated in fear. All I could think was that I'm allergic to Vancomycin and if that's the last resort, I'm in trouble. Perhaps I overreacted a tad.


  1. Hey! I like the new picture!!! I'm glad Ron's finger is better; it has been a "hot" topic of conversation up here as many have had a problem of similar discomfort! Have you made plans for the summer??

  2. Glad the finger is better. Puzzles of any sort take more patience than I have. I'm proud of you two.

  3. WOW I know you both are relieved---continued good health!!!

  4. Great news the finger is better. That must have been a challenging puzzle. Well all puzzles are challenging to me when they are beyond the ones my children had as a babies.