Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot! Hot! HOT!

Yes, we're still here and it's getting hot!

But Look! We're going to cool down for the weekend. It's even going to be below 80 for the low. That will be nice.

It's even too hot for the cacti. As we take our evening walk (which is now after dark and still 95 degrees), we notice various night-blooming cacti. They all have bright white flowers to attract those pollinating bats. (I haven't actually seen any bats, but they must be around.)

I think this is an organ pipe cactus. The flowers were disappointingly small.

I caught this one in the early morning before it fully closed for the day.

I noticed one of my pots that I had carefully arranged with artificial flowers was looking a bit scruffy.

When I walked over to investigate, a little bird (I think a house finch) flew out of it. Made me jump! Well, what do you know, six tiny eggs. Weird how only one is spotted.

Ron noticed that there is another nest in the lemon tree - we're guessing a sparrow - and another dove in one of the orange trees. Oh, and another sparrow in the palm out front. For such a dry place, there are sure a lot of birds!

This picture is from about a month ago. I was so proud that my $2 cactus decided to bloom for me. (You can see some of the Arizona diamonds I added to the garden.)

And a couple weeks ago, we were amazed to see this tiny saguaro cactus blooming its heart out. We had never seen one that small in bloom. Then we discovered the secret - it's actually an arm off the saguaro behind it. Interesting.

Oh, and DaveM had asked about the holes in the saguaros. They're made by the woodpeckers creating nesting sites. However since there are many more holes than woodpeckers, I think they must rent them out to their smaller-beaked friends.

Aren't these bushes just stunning? They call them bird-of-paradise - not to be confused with the more familiar tropical bird-of-paradise.

They make a magnificent hedge.

Since today was Sunday, we went out for our weekly breakfast. Today we thought we would try a new place and went to the Egg and I. Well . . . Everything on the menu looked like too much food, so I thought, "I'll just have french toast." Have you ever seen french toast like this????

This place is crazy! Not only because of the size of the bread slices, but it was deep fried! You can also see part of Ron's giant folded pancake. He only had one with his bacon and eggs, but he only ate about half. I don't think we'll be going back there.


  1. I forgot to give the finger update. It's continuing to slooowwwly improve. Ron's still on the Vancomycin for 'one more week', but we've heard that before. It's now been three months since he started having a problem.

  2. Thanks for the info on the holes. Those flowers are stunning. Those temps are way too hot for me, I would be looking for shade all the time.

  3. Hi There im back home in hot SC but today its not going to be over 100 probably 94...but humid. My friend in Mesa says she is roasting-but its a DRY she says dry or not its HOT!!
    I found Peyson to be very pleasant and cool amazing that only an hr+ travel will bring such a decrease in tempts!! Great find on the birds nest...arent they amazing seems they look at every nook as an opportunity!! Hope the finger continues to improve did ya'll ever find out what actually caused the problem?

  4. Do you always take your camera out to breakfast? Good thing you did to show us that unbelievable food! Beautiful photos of the cactus blooms! It has been over 90 up here for a few days. We're HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think you may have yourself an interloping cowbird's egg in the house finch's nest.

  6. I wish we could see the blooming cactus. But maybe I don't want to be there in the summer. Thanks for providing good nesting places for the birds.

  7. No, we still have no idea what caused the finger problem. No, I don't always take my camera to breakfast, but I had it with me to take the cactus on the way. Although it crossed my mind about the cowbird, the egg seems too tiny. We wondered if it was a house sparrow that deposited an egg in the finch's nest. I thought about meddling with nature and picking out the spotted egg, but it's too late - at least one of the birds has hatched. We'll see what happens.

  8. Thanks for staying around to capture the cactus photos. Beautiful.

    Diana answered the egg question. It is a cowbird egg.

  9. I never thought about cacti blooming at night and closing during the day. Makes good sense. Nice photos.

  10. Thanks for the update on Ron's finger. Hope the worst is past.

    I am happy in PA right now. Your temps are way too high for me.

  11. I had really wanted to see the Saguaro bloom this year but didn't make it, so I appreciate your pics & the fact that I didn't have to stay in 100+ heat to see the blooms! That French toast looked pretty darn good too. :-)

  12. Are you heading to the cool soon?