Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More at The Rim

The Rim Lakes Recreation Area isn't called that for nothing - there are three nice lakes there. Before we left Show Low, Ron purchased a fishing license hoping to have a chance to use it. One morning he loaded up the fishing gear and his kayak paddles and we took off for the biggest lake, Willow Springs. We couldn't believe it! Although there was no wind at the RV, the wind was actually creating waves on the lake. Doesn't he look disappointed?

Instead we stopped at the three overlooks. Since we are not afraid of heights, we immediately went to the edge and looked over. However when I backed up to take Ron's picture, I did feel a little nervous, because I am afraid of falling and that rock doesn't look too secure.

Then we checked out another of the pretty lakes, Woods Canyon. We were happy to see the wind had died down (or maybe it was never there), but Ron felt he had missed the time frame for catching the early fish. Besides, he was hungry for lunch. So we decided to try again in late afternoon.

We were thrilled to see a bald eagle catch his/her dinner. What a sight! I haven't seen too many of them, so I was too excited to try for a picture.

Finally Ron was ready to catch dinner.
Sadly, he didn't catch anything, but, hey!, he looked good!

While I was waiting to help him clean his catch (yeah, right, that will be the day), I watched this couple who had a really unique way to back the boat trailer down the ramp. Every time the trailer got off track, the guy picked it up! That must be hard to do when the boat is on it!

I'll leave you with a sunset. I could have composed it better if I was willing to brave the evening mosquitoes, but I just snapped it from the RV.


  1. Hey Guys! I got a big laugh out of the picture of Barbara. There you are...stepping out on that really big! rock! Somehow, Ron's rock was waaayyy more impressive!!!!

  2. The picture of Ron by the cliff is really scary! It even made me afraid to look. Like the kayak picture better. At least the water is softer if he fell... ;c)

  3. I wish someone would pick my trailer up and move it everytime it gets off track!

  4. That photo of Ron on that teeny tiny little ledge...over that very long drop. Shudder. Loved your story about the hike. Trails can lead us astray.