Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Race!

After our lovely stay up at 7600 feet at the edge of the Rim, we headed back down to Mesa and the heat. It's still reaching around 100 degrees every day - I can't believe it. We're back to our normal routines - walking the mall, swimming, eating out,

sewing Christmas stockings,

sometimes even taking an evening walk when it falls below 90,

and probably watching too much TV. Tonight I watched one of my favorite shows, The Amazing Race. The tourist in me has always liked to see where they go around the world and the challenges are entertaining. But this episode added another level - humor. The teams went to England which seems tame enough, but the humor started with the stick shift rental cars. One lady pretty much burned out the clutch and another left her partner running after her when she followed the advice to 'just give it more gas.' I just laughed and laughed when they had to 'storm the castle' and the people on the battlements kept throwing dirty water down on them. Then they had to catapult melons at a suit of armor and one of the melons somehow shot backwards and beaned the contestant. (Okay, that sounds mean to laugh, but she was okay and laughed later about it.) But my favorite was when they had to cross the moat in these little boats that looked like half a giant walnut shell and they kept sinking. That never got old. If you missed it, here's the link to watch it online.

And how pathetic am I that I'm writing about a TV show?


  1. My younger sister (im the middle child0 LOVES that show I think its the only show she actually watches. I hope she got to see that episode, it sounds like a riot. Your X-mas stocking look GREAT.

  2. You are stuck in a rut now that you are home owner's and can't write about YOUR travels. Oh well, read about ours.

  3. I like the "Amazing Race" too, - one of the two or three shows I watch. Terry doesn't care for it so I sit in my little room and enjoy.

    Why are you back in Mesa? I thought you were going to travel a bit after Ron's finger healed.

  4. We are headed your way. But we won't be there till it cools down--preferably below 90. We look forward to hiking with you then.

  5. Beautiful Christmas stockings! The comforts of home are underrated. I'm enjoying my home after being away for the summer!

  6. I agree - it has to be the best episode yet. I couldn't figure out why the water was dirty, but maybe they just made it look that way to be funny. Love the Christmas stockings - I didn't know you were doing that.