Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short Trip

Ron and I decided to get out of Dodge (or Mesa) for a couple of weeks. Although the weather is getting cooler, it's still in the 90's so we headed up to 4000 feet around the Cottonwood/Sedona area. Ahhh, it's about 10 degrees cooler.

We're parked on National Forest land midway between the two towns (off 89A, along 89B, for those who are interested.) Here is the view out our front window.

Farther along 89B is one of the most gorgeous parking spots ever, but unfortunately, somebody is in it! How dare they?

But that's okay, we get the entertainment of watching the cattle come to the water tanks. ('No Hunting' - yeah, I guess!)

They're not exactly Texas Longhorns, maybe these are the lesser-known Arizona Longhorns.

Look at this poor guy. I wonder how that happened.

This is a popular area for ballooning. I took this out the window one morning.

We visited the nearby Tuzigoot National Monument where the Sinagua built on this hill about 1000AD. These ruins have been 'stabilized' which basically means 'rebuilt'. I'm torn on my opinion of this process. What we're seeing is not original, but a pile of rocks wouldn't be nearly as cool looking.

From the roof of the highest room, you can see that they expanded down the hill as they needed more room. You can also see some of the surrounding fields and the Verdi river. This seems to be a perfect spot for an agricultural community. Like so many other such places we have seen, the Sinagua inexplicably left this place in the early 1400's. At its peak, the site housed perhaps 250 people in its 110 rooms.

We also visited the fanciful town of Jerome for a nice lunch. Jerome began as a copper mining town in 1876, but is now mostly know for tourists. It hangs on the side of a mountain with some interesting hairpin turns in the road passing through. Don't try driving it in an RV (like our friend John did.)

Actually this is not one of the hairpin turns since both roads are one way, but just an example of the multi-level town.

We ended with an evening stroll up our little gravel road.


  1. A nice trip, looks like. Great photos. Now I've got "get out of Dodge" fever. Thanks.

  2. Nice post as usual.

    About time you got outta' Dodge and let your fingers relax from all those Christmas stockings you've been making! ;c)

  3. Hey I've got that same "from the rooftop" photo. We were in Sedona in 2001 and really enjoyed our visit ... it's on our "return to with Motorhome" list.

  4. GLAD you got a chance to get outta Dodge--Looks like you found a great spot to hang out!! The view is awesome!! I'm under piles of yardwork at the moment..and dont see any end in sight sicne I did Very little this summer it was too dang hot!!

  5. We've been there---and loved it! Glad you're outdoors again.

  6. We love that area! I've often said I would love to live some where around Cottonwood (can't afford Sedona! LOL). And Jerome is a fun place to visit. The Verde Canyon Railroad trip is also wonderful.

  7. I couldn't remember if I'd been to Tuzugoot until I saw your picture - Oh yeah, I have the same picture. Glad you got away for a while.

  8. parkerrver@escapees.comOctober 15, 2010 at 8:08 AM

    How long are you going to be there? We are heading for the Thousand Trails and will be arriving the first part of next week.

  9. Donna, we plan on staying here through next week. Give us a call when you get in the area!