Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We tried to wait out the cloudy weather, but when we heard it was going down to 41 at night, we high-tailed it out of Sedona and back to Mesa. And we realized anew why people come to the Phoenix area. The skies are blue, the weather perfect, no mice (like the one that tried to build a nest on top of the generator.) At least we hope he didn't ride all the way home with us. Ron set a couple of traps just in case.

Between rainclouds, we did fit in a couple more hikes. One, the Lime Kiln trail, passed right through our parking spot. We understand it goes from Cottonwood to Sedona, about 15 miles. I followed it towards Sedona down to Dry Creek, obviously a misnomer at this time. How about that red water?

Ron found this guy along the way. He was only about two inches across, but I guess it was a tarantula. Anybody know for sure?

I liked the look of these silvery plants.

Another reason we left was it just got too noisy. A 40 foot trailer load of cattle showed up and once they were unloaded, the cattle mooed nonstop for 24 hours. I don't know why they were so upset, they're free range cattle. The ones behind the fence are the ones who should be angry. (Another picture out the front window of the RV. I wasn't going out there - those cows are big!)

One last hike - Margs Draw in Sedona. It was an easy two miles each way and provided views of the red cliffs and Mogollon Rim.

It passed right by Snoopy Rock. See him? He's lying on his back with his feet to the right and cute little nose in the air.

Sedona is just so gorgeous and there are several other hikes we wanted to do, but you have to leave something for next time.


  1. I don't care if that spider was a tarantula or not, I wouldn't want it crawling on my shoulder!

    Loved Snoopy rock, too cute. :c)

  2. Your photos are making me drool!! Except for the hairy long legged one--just in time for Halloween right!
    I imagine those cows are wondering where the heck they are and thats what all the mooing was about-
    Def see Snoopy sleeping on his back there.

  3. It's a good thing you "hoofed" your way out of there "mooooving" back to Mesa. Your photos are "utterly" amazing. John and I couldn't "hide" our pleasure reading this post.

  4. Wow! Great Pics! Love Snoopy!

    Can't believe we've been down here 13 yrs and still haven't made it up to Sedona. Definitely have to make the trip this winter.

    As for the spider...tarantula sounds good enough for me!


  5. Yup. Tarantula. Cows are typically not aggressive, just wave a BBQ fork at them!
    Really appreciate your info on hikes and such around Sedona, not to mention the photos.

  6. Looks like a tarantula to me! Did someone put that little rock on top of Snoopy's nose?

  7. why don't you try to add a comment form to your blog ???