Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Hikes

It continued to rain off and on all day today so we drove into Cottonwood and went to their impressive health food store, Mount Hope Foods. Ron had his choice of creams and gels containing arnica which he uses on his knee when it hurts. I loved their selection of bulk foods and got oat bran and flax seed. And best of all, they have people there who know EVERYTHING and are willing to share that knowledge! Then we hit three thrift shops - always a favorite activity. Spent all of three dollars and had fun looking. Anyway, with this post, I'll actually be caught up, although since it's supposed to clear up overnight, I'll immediately fall behind again. Here are a couple of hikes that we did several days ago.

Sedona is known for having lots of hikes, so we asked for recommendations from the friendly visitor center, where you can get information on everything we've done during our stay.

The volunteer said her favorite was Fay Canyon, so off we went. This is a shot from the parking lot - it certainly was beautiful.

It was a good hike for a warm day since it wound along the bottom of the canyon among the junipers and oaks. I thought this rock on the right looked like an old fashioned Dum Dum lollipop.

About halfway down the 1.1 mile trail was a side trail to an arch. Oooh, an arch! I had to go. From the main trail it just looked like a cave (and inaccessible.)

Up I went and as I got closer, I could see the light behind the arch.

Now all I had to do was scramble up over all these loose rocks. It doesn't look like it, but this part was really steep.

I made it! I could have used a step ladder to frame my shot with the arch.

After carefully making my way back down, we continued to the end which was kind of a disappointment. I understand if you do some more scrambling, there is a nice view, but I was finished with that for the day.

Another day we decided to try the Teacup Trail, which I highly recommend. Luckily it was a cooler day, because this one is all in the sun. Right from the trail head it was lovely.

This little guy was sitting on one of the trail markers to point the way.

The trail went around Sugar Loaf Mountain and after about a mile we came upon this stunning view.

Can you imagine living here? We met several people on this hike who do and they love it. Even the tourists don't seem to bother them.

At this point the trail headed sharply downhill and curved around the base of Coffeepot Rock on the left in the picture. (By the way, there is no teacup on Teacup Trail.)

We elected to turn around and take the Sugar Loaf Loop back. This trail goes up Sugar Loaf Mountain. Although that sounds impressive, the mountain is only about 200 feet high, but what a difference that makes. There are 360 degree views over all of Sedona. Afternoon would be the best time for pictures, though. In the morning some of the cliffs were in shadow.

There's the car right in the center of the picture.

Here I am at the top with Chimney Rock and Thunder Mountain in the background.


  1. Your photos are hurting. I want to be there enjoying Sedona's beauty. Mount Hope Foods is a favorite stop when in the area.

  2. If you haven't done it yet, Summit Trail in the Thunderbird Mountain area is rewarding, too ... though it was easy to get off-trail and find yourself walking over loose rocks pretty quickly. Maybe they've marked the trail a little better since we did it in 2001.

  3. You're doing stuff I'll never get to do. Thanks for sharing the experience!!

  4. They look like great hikes - I'm adding them to my list.

  5. Wish we were there. We didn't hike when we visited Sedona. We will have to go back.

  6. WOW what a great hikes, def would enjoy that, the views are awesome, and thanks for scrambling up to that arch for me--it was worth it!!!
    Awesome photos!!!!