Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Pictures

Wow! Did we have a busy weekend! We took the car over to San Diego area (from Borrego Springs, only about 90 miles) and visited with relatives on both sides. Ron's newly engaged daughter Kelli and fiance Sean were our wonderful hosts. While we were there, Ron's granddaughter McKayla from Salt Lake City was also in town for a soccer tournament. She's sixteen and driving(!) and I've been watching her play soccer since she was 11. It's fun to see how she and her teammates have changed over the years. They are young ladies now and impressive both on and off the field. We were able to catch all three of their games.

Here's McKayla with her grandpa Ron. Aren't they both adorable?

I also met up with my niece Corrie and her family - what fun! I know all of my readers also read my sister Diana's blog and have seen pictures of them, but they're MY relatives too!

Here's Mara mugging it up at McDonalds' playland.

I had to laugh at Jonathan climbing all over Ronald - it's a good thing he's used to kids. :-D

Here's the whole gang complete with Brian. What a great family - I'm so glad they were able to make some time for us.

On Saturday evening, we helped Kelli and Sean decorate their Christmas tree. To be honest, we were very little help, but it turned out great. Here's the happy couple with the finished tree (and practicing for all those wedding pictures.)

Oh, I forgot to mention that I went with Kelli to order her wedding dress on Friday - cool!

I agree with Jay Leno about not dressing up pets, but when Kelli put the Santa hat on Lucy, I was right there with the camera. Doesn't she look cute, but miserable?

And here she's thinking, "What the heck is this thing?" Or maybe, "Oh no! What next?"


  1. Thanks for the pictures of my beautiful grandchildren- I'm glad you got to visit with them.

  2. Shopping for wedding dresses is VERY special!!!!!

  3. P.S. McKayla looks like she is freezing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great family pics. I agree with not dressing dogs up, they have good coats on anyway.