Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been having some chilly and really windy weather for our week in the desert, but today was perfect for the big celebration. Every year we are reminded how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country and have the freedom to travel and live as we choose. Although we have a house now, I think I'll always be an RVer at heart.

Here we are parked in our little spot of the desert. I counted about 70 rigs and 85 people were signed in as of this morning. I understand about 10 more were expected to arrive before the feast.

Our dinner was planned for 2 o'clock and everyone set up their table with flair. Randy's was particularly creative, but somehow I doubt that he had anything to do with it. :-D

Ten turkeys and two hams were ordered and brought in from a grocery store in Brawley, about 80 miles away. Right on time, our volunteer servers in their cute chef's hats unveiled the food.

Every participant also contributed a dish so you can imagine the amazing choices. Cheryl seems pretty happy with her selections.

What fun! Here we are right in the center of all our friends. What? You don't see us? Let me help . . .

How's this? We enjoyed sharing our table with Jim and Nancy who was doing my dirty work and taking the annual picture from Nelda's ladder. Thanks, Nancy. Unfortunately I forgot to have somebody take a picture of our table so she will remain a mystery.


  1. Loved the photos! I didn't need the closeup. Found you right off! WE had snow this am. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wish it weren't so far. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  3. What a happy and fun looking group! I know you are all making wonderful memories for Thanksgiving.

  4. WOW...I love to eat outdoors it makes everything taste better..OMG enough food there to feed an army--
    I know you did enjoy it!!We had a small group here of 7 people... and 3 dogs of course they are family too!!

  5. Thanks for the photos We miss the group.
    We had a great time here in New Hampshire But it is COLD Back in Maine now and still cold Heading back Monday.

  6. Mystery woman Nancy does have a blog - it's

  7. Merry Christmas my friends, happy trails. :):):)