Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Quartzsite, Arizona, is a sleepy little town in the desert most of the year, but in the winter and especially in January, it hosts hundreds of thousands of RVers. Maybe host is not quite the right word, since most of those RVs are parked willy-nilly on BLM land outside of the town proper. Ron and I decided to pack up the RV and go for ten days. We met up with our WIN friends - about 175 of them. The WIN gatherings are always busy with activities, but we still had time to shop at the various swap meets that spring up around town during this busy time.

This was taken a few years ago when we climbed 'Q' mountain to get the bird's eye view. In the distance you can see some of the RVs that take over the area in late January.

You just never know what you're going to find for sale. These skulls didn't do much for me.

And although I'm not much for hanging dead animals on the wall, I did think this fox was kind of cute.

The WINs had their annual desert golf tournament. You get one golf club and a tennis ball. Good form, Ron!

And just look at Carolyn's follow-through. I was the slacker on our team.

This seems to be a good place for ultralights. Almost every day they buzzed right over our rigs.

In addition to seeing all our WIN friends, we even met up with fellow RVers Carol and John for lunch at Sweet Darlene's. To check out their blog, click here.

Ron was too busy shopping, but I joined Phil and Diana for a 4-wheel trip to Swansea - an abandoned mining town.

Although we missed the arch on the way, we did see this mountain that looked to me like a monster. Is it just me, or do you see the eyes, nose, and mouth?

Our first sight of the ghost town rally surprised me. What's with the modern-looking buildings?
It seems the BLM people have erected tin roofs over the buildings to help preserve them. I'm not wild about the reconstruction mindset. At what point do they stop being ruins?

Ah, this is more like it. This was the train station.

I think I found my new truck - it's a fixer-upper.

We also drove down to the river along this very pretty canyon.

Ah, water in the desert - always a welcome sight.

Most of the others saw wild burros along the way, but the only animal we saw was Bubba and he wasn't too wild.

Although pictures never look as scary as the reality, but this was the worst part of the road.

It's the end of another day (and year) at Quartzsite with sunset over Phil's rig.
For lots more on Quartzsite, see Diana's blog - click here.


  1. Was starting to worry..no new blog entry for a looong time. Glad your back and all is well.

  2. Amazing how many rigs are there! It's a movable city. I love that shot of you in the old truck...had to be loads of fun exploring that area...the 4 wheel road looks like one of those Rock n Roll n Hold On kind of trips..LOVE THE sunset photo!!! Glad you got in a trip.
    Safe Travels!

  3. When I saw the picture of you in the "truck" I thought I was on Diana's blog...you know "rusty stuff!" But, shucks, I knew it really was you! YES! I saw the monster face on the mountain.

  4. Great synopsis of a really fun time! Nice having you along on the Swansea trip.

  5. Great post!! And it was great seeing you there.

  6. Hi Barbara,

    Just wanted to drop by and say I've missed you on Flickr! Hope you are having a great time out on the open road....and safe travels :-)


  7. I see you folks are still having fun. :):):):):)

  8. Wish we were so close to Quartzite and the WINs...looks like fun times as usual. Like that truck photo!