Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 90th!

Last week, my sister Diana and I flew to Pennsylvania to help our father celebrate his 90th birthday! Our wonderful cousin Linda and her daughter Rebecca, along with their spouses who are both named Terry, planned and executed the most wonderful party ever! The food was amazing, the decorations were very clever, and over forty people attended.

This must be the place - his picture is on the door.

Here's Rebecca putting the finishing touches on the refreshments.

Linda's husband Terry really did a fine job printing some old pictures of my father to set the mood. Terry really married into the right family being a camera buff himself. I believe Linda was the creative scrapbooker who put the pages together that decorated each table.

My father had a great time and never sat down. You can see him in the background 'working the room.'

We managed to get a picture of him with his direct descendants who were there. From the left, we have my daughter Christine, me, my father, Diana, and my daughter Laura. We missed seeing Diana's son Mark and daughter Corrie, and the great-grandchildren (Corrie's two.) I know what you're all thinking - "Wow! What a small family."

Here's his baby sister Beatrice looking cute as always. Middle sibling Millicent lives in Florida.

On the way home Laura was buried under all the balloons.

Since he was busy at the party, he waited until he got home to open his loot.

I can never thank my one and only cousin and her one and only daughter enough for putting together this special and very memorable celebration. Let's do it again at 95!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. How interesting that I've been following the blogs of two sisters and didn't make the connection until now.

  2. HOW wonderful--happy birthday to your dad! We gave my mom a big bash when she turned 80 and now she will be 87 so I think another big bash is in store for her 90th!
    You have some great cousins and what a totally wonderful idea of the family photos!! Very creative!

    --our family is small too--there is my mom my 2 sisters, and my one son--immediately and soon to be a grandchild (sssshhhh) but My mom has brothers and sisters and we have lots of cousins most live in TN, MI, and IN. So we are scattered-

  3. Thanks for sharing the birthday bash for your dad, a member of the Greatest Generation. He looks terrific!

    Liked the picture of you, your dad, Diana and your daughters. It's so nice when you can all get together for such a happy occasion!

  4. Great pictures of a very happy day!! Tell me, how is it that the Morgan women all choose the same style shirt????? just in different colors!!! Did anyone comment on that at the party??? Miss you!

  5. Wow, that is scary how similar our posts were!

  6. I've just rea your sisters blog, what a fantastic celebration. To get to that age is an acheivement but to be both active and mentally alert is fantastic. Dont wait for 95 celebrate every year.