Thursday, March 3, 2011

More PA

I still have a few pictures from our trip to Pennsylvania that I'd like to share.

When Diana and I arrived, we enjoyed two days of 70 degree weather. The snowdrops were just making an appearance. I thought I would get a better picture another day, but then they were buried in the snow.

On a walk up the road, we got a chuckle out of this decorated tree.

Being city girls, we had no idea what the heck this was referring to.

Laura was determined to find one of these special cattle.

One morning I opened the curtain to this wondrous sight.

And here comes perfect neighbor Steve who plows my father's driveway every time it snows. What a guy!

I love the snow (as long as I don't have to go anyplace.)

Diana and I worked hard cleaning off the rental car.

My father gave me a note I had written when I was young. Read how adorable I was.
However don't be too impressed. My mother had written the date on this precious note and I was 9 1/2 years old!!! Just how stupid was I ?!?!


  1. Love your picture of the snowdrops, of Laura trying to take a picture of the cow, and of course the tooth fairy note. I have a vision of the tooth fairy looking in your mouth as you are snoring away. By the way, I sent Laura an email that they are trying to make it a class 1 felony in Florida to take a picture of a cow!

  2. Oh thats the cutest letter, I love the spelling of vakation--
    Thats the way it is here in the east 70 one day and snow the next..Great Photos of your time there!!

  3. great note ... childhood memories like this one bring cheer to us as we get older

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  5. I love the note, and the cursive r...and t. I haven't seen them written like that in a while. Did you know that many schools aren't teaching cursive anymore?????

  6. I love the snowdrops. I've never seen one. Do you suppose they don't grown in Colorado?