Sunday, May 27, 2012

Along the Moselle

We were so lucky to have lovely weather for our trip.  Just picture it.

The Moselle river region is known for its wine and all along the river banks are vineyards.  Even on the steepest banks, every space is utilized.
It seemed to me that it would be easier to plant the rows horizontally instead of vertically, but it's something about the maximum sun exposure.  Anyway, what do I know?

The river boats are built to just fit under all the bridges.  Sometimes they even close the upper deck to avoid knocking out any paying customers.

Our first docking was at Bernkastel-Kues, which used to be two towns across the river from each other until they consolidated in 1905.  

Every town seems to have a castle.  Unfortunately Bernkastel's castle was destroyed by a fire in 1792, but it's still pretty picturesque.

Another cute town square.

The town is known for its beautiful half-timbered houses.

When we were walking down this street, we heard a band tuning up.  Ron anticipated hearing some good German music so we hung around.  Suddenly the band belted out 'Help', the old Beatles song.  We just cracked up.  That's what we get for assuming anything.

As promised, here's a picture of our boat.  Our room was about in the center of the boat with one of those windows that are about a foot above the water.  There were pros and cons to this location.  We had a duck's eye view and got our window washed regularly.  Also we climbed 1 1/2 flights of steps every time we went anywhere, which can be taken as a pro or a con.  But the biggest disadvantage was that our window didn't open, although I guess that's probably a good thing.  LOL

Ah, the end of another perfect day.


  1. I'm glad you heard the band, not me. I wouldn't have had a clue what they were playing. Am I too old or too young or just out of touch?

  2. How did Ron do with his motion sickness? Maybe there weren't too many waves on your trip?

    Great pictures once again!

  3. Considering the distance to the water, I'd say it was a good thing that your windows didn't open. Seems to me like a river cruise is a good balance between seeing the scenery go by and exploring towns you stop in.

  4. That does seem strange to plant the vines in vertical rows. Doesn't the water just all run off?

  5. LOVE THE BEATLES! Your trip is awesome, I would love to see those vineyards. DONT think I'd want a lower deck room too far away from the sky!