Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back across Nebraska

We're really going crazy with this traveling the back roads.  We're crossing Nebraska along the far northern route, within spittin' distance of South Dakota.  Love the state road signs.

Our first stop was at a Corps of Engineer park near Yankton.  Even though it was a weekend, we found a spot at Tailwaters campground below the Gavins Point Dam.  Above the dam is beautiful Lewis and Clark Lake and below the dam, the Missouri River flows free for numerous miles.  (I can't remember how many miles, but I think it was about 70.  What a kayak trip that would be.)

We had a bit of an upset at our next stop.  On our way across the country, we have used my favorite app, Allstays, to find city, county, state, and COE parks.  But at Fort Randell Dam, just over the state line in South Dakota, Allstays had North Point Recreation Area listed as a COE park  In fact, it had been turned over to South Dakota State Parks.  Since South Dakota has a day use fee in addition to their camping fees, I thought we were really going to pay dearly for our night's stay.  For some reason, they didn't charge us the day use fee, but it was still a bit much at $20.

Perhaps that's why the campground was like a ghost town.  We had to laugh when another RV pulled in right next to us with about a hundred empty sites.  It was okay, though, they didn't have a campfire.

We did love the cute rental cabins with views of the Missouri River and the chalkstone cliffs.

Nearby is the site of 1856 Fort Randall.  In 1875, this combination church, Odd Fellows lodge, and library was built with all volunteer labor.  It's the only building still (partially) standing with the help of the protective roof.

Our next stop was the cute town of Valentine, Nebraska.

I loved this building.  I don't know how they built a brick building with 3-D accents, but it was very cool.

Allstays redeemed itself by leading us to the Valentine city park with $5 overnight camping right along the water.  (No hookups, of course.)

Nearby is Smith Falls, the highest waterfall in Nebraska at a whopping 63 feet!  It's pretty though.


  1. Can you report that to Allstays somehow? And why in the world do people have to park on top of you. Are they afraid of parking by themselves? But it seems to happen all the time.

  2. Wasn't that a picture of your first RV on that road sign? ;c)

  3. Glad you enjoyed my home state. If you ever get to Lincoln, there are a couple of those brick sculptures. The one in the Haymarket with a train is fantastic!

  4. You went thru Plainview and didn't stop at the Clown Museum? Bob's collection of clowns is there.

  5. What a great 3D sculpture. I use Allstays (when we are on the road) ... haven't had any problems, but thanks for the heads-up.

  6. Valentine is on my list, they have a Post Office mural and and National Wildlife Refuge. I used Allstays the other day when I was trying to find cabins for rent in Tennessee. Turns out the area I was looking at just didn't have what I need so I had to give up on that area for now until we can go back with our camper. Love that $5 campground, great view tossed in for free!