Thursday, September 4, 2014

Returning Home

Not us, but our RV.  We brought it home to the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa, for some TLC from the experts.  We were previously there seven years ago and, just like that time, we were again very impressed by the courteous and professional way they handle service visits.  We did not have an appointment (bad us), but we only had to wait two days for them to fit us in.  Then two days of work took us to the holiday weekend.  Since we never know where to go for holidays, we just stayed two more days until Labor Day.

Between the massive rain storms, we did a little sightseeing.  From the top of the tower in Pilot Knob State Park, we could appreciate some of that lovely Iowa farmland.  But what is that tall white crop with the spinning blades in the distance?

And taking a stroll along the park road was this snapping turtle.  Hmm, he doesn't seem too happy with me for daring to take his picture.

We checked out Clear Lake State Park,

As well as the town of Clear Lake, where we stopped at pretty Central Gardens of North Iowa.


For all the time we spent in Forest City, we didn't do much.  Maybe we should have revisited my favorite place from seven years ago - The Music Man Square in Mason City.  If you're a musical fan like I am, you'll love the replica of 1912 River City as seen in the 1962 film.

Our neighbors in the overnight lot, had a very interesting cover for their bikes.

And we were amazed by the RV dump in the local park - 10 dump stations!  That has to be a record.

I'm going to count this little dam on the Winnebago River as a waterfall.


  1. Yes, I love the old movie musicals, including the Music Man, but they sure don't make them anymore.

  2. I miss a good ole musical. But I sure haven't been impressed with the remakes. Always nice to get the baby serviced and happy again.

  3. ...and its a pretty falls too! I wish I had a flower garden like that one!!

  4. We were thrilled with the work we had done at the Winnie factory service center, and the price of labor per hour is amazing. $40 to $50 less than we've paid at other places.

    True, that is an amazing dump station there. Can't beat the price, either!

    Just wish the factory service center was a little bit closer to us. But worth the trip. :c)

  5. OK, you're officially stretching the description of a waterfall ... but still nice.