Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day Five

It was another gorgeous day as we headed out to hike the Kalalau Trail at the end of the road along the North Shore.

Are you sure about this, Diana?  What's with all the signs?


The trail seems a little rocky, but Diana was off and running.

Once past the rocky beginning, we were thrilled with this trail.  There were gorgeous views . . .

And tropical vegetation,

And what's more Hawaiian than a scene like this?

We loved this view of the coastline.

After about 5/8 mile, we turned around.  I know, pathetic.  But we were happy.  So back down we went.

The beach near the trailhead looked very picturesque.

Down the road, we stopped to check out another beach.  Nope, I won't be snorkeling there either.

But I thought the equine scene across the road was pretty cool.

We stopped at this pretty little church . . .

And Kilauea lighthouse.

And we found an interesting older church.

Although we usually just cooked for ourselves, we ended the day by going into Lihue and having dinner at a restaurant overlooking the bay.

Diana took this selfie, but she did it the hard way.  Instead of using her phone, she used a camera.  She's so talented that she doesn't even need to see what she's taking.


  1. I'm glad you put in that last picture of the two of you. On Diana's blog she's just getting on the plane, so I wasn't sure you were really traveling together... ;c)

  2. A great sisters selfie! Amazing landscapes such a lovely color and the tropical vegetation cool looking stuff!!! That one mountain looks like Dr Seuss could live there!.