Monday, December 15, 2014

Day Three

Our second full day began with heavy cloud cover, so we decided to check out the Christmas Craft Fair at the Kauai Museum.  When the skies opened up, we appreciated that the locally-made crafts were under tents in the parking lot.  By the time we made our purchases, the rain had passed and we were on our way.

We stopped at our favorite lunching spot and were surprised to run into Ronald McDonald.  I guess even he vacations in Hawaii.  Diana got a nice hug.

Then we headed to the south side of the island.  First stop was the Spouting Horn.  I guess it must have been low tide because it was mostly spitting.

But never fear, I found my picture from when we were there in March of 2013.

Next was a stop at Shipwreck Beach.

We climbed up that cliff using the hand and toe holds.  (Okay, maybe there was a trail.)  While I was getting the perfect shot, Diana was making my position look a lot more dangerous than it was.

Here's the picture I was taking of the next cove over.

Our last stop was Poipu Beach where Diana did some snorkeling,
(That's her with the snorkel, totally unaware of the guy who's ogling her.)

Where she saw lots of pretty fish and some legs too.
(I'll let her post the rest of her many underwater shots.)

Meanwhile I was communing with nature.

And enjoying the island's ambiance.

Tomorrow - two hikes in Waimea Canyon.  Stay tuned.


  1. Ha ha I had to laugh at Diana being stalked in the water that guy was way too close she should of flapped his face with her flippers say that like Porky Pig 3 times fast ha ha
    Wish I was your 3rd sister having fun seeing Hawaii.
    now I will try the prove I'm not Robot...hope it works

  2. Thanks for telling me that the robot check has reappeared, Sondra. I'll try to fix that.

  3. Ive seen it popping up all over it may even be on my own blog I don't know...weird tho.