Sunday, April 26, 2015

Old Town

No trip to San Diego would be complete without a visit to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.

They have docents dressed in period costumes and plenty of little shops and eateries.  Some of the buildings are original from the mid 1800s.  This was labeled as the original jail cell.  Yikes!

I liked this non-original flower-bedecked patio roof.

And there were some really pretty flowering trees.

Just outside of Old Town, we had a quick lunch at O'Hungry's - love the name.  I don't know how they convince people to tape perfectly good money to the walls.  Obviously, we passed on that.

Somebody really put a lot of effort into this sidewalk.

Next we stopped at Heritage Park which was a new attraction for me.  These houses were all built in the 1890s.  Aren't they beautiful?

They weren't open for tours, but just seeing the exteriors was fun.


  1. We missed Old Town and Heritage Park when we were there. Spent too much time at the breweries!

  2. Missed this one ... something to see when we eventually get to SD with the Phaeton. I don't get tacking money on the walls either! Perhaps the amount imbibed has something to do with the willingness to part with perfectly good $ bills. McGuire's in Pensacola does the same thing. Our waitress told us how once a year they have to count the bills for insurance purposes. Wouldn't want that job!

  3. Great name for a restaurant. I would love to see San Diego again but not sure I could convince Jim to go to the big city. Not sure I want to drive there either. Thanks for the pictures and tour.

  4. the old houses are so cool looking, and that flower covered roof...pretty!