Sunday, April 19, 2015

Road Trip

For the last day in our perfect campground, we decided to drive a loop - going north on the Sunrise Highway (and who could resist that name) or S1 and looping back on 79.

The Sunrise Highway was very pretty even at midday. 

With a steady climb, we were soon in among the pine trees where we saw lots of evidence of past fires.

With the wind, the views of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park were pretty dusty.

As we were about to turn back south on 79, we realized we were only 6 miles from Julian.  In the past, our visits to the cute little tourist town were during Thanksgiving week when the place is mobbed.  We thought this would be the time to see it without the crowds.

Julian is at over 4000 feet, so I was a bit surprised to see all the flowers in April.

I had the best quiche of my life at this cute cafe.  This mural really looked 3-D in person.  I wanted to walk right into it.

When in Julian, you must have apple pie.  I think it's a law.  We shared a slice of apple-boysenberry.  It was scrumptious.


  1. I'm not sure why you "must" have apple pie when you go to Julian, but looking at what you ate, I will get some if we go there.

  2. Julian apple pie is famous, according to Google, and there is a Julian Pic Co. based there. DoesI quess it get busy because due to its altitute its an escape from the heat of L A and San Diego. I would have had some pie too.

  3. Love that mural ... it does look like it's 3-D.

  4. That pie looks so good, I'm shocked that you were able to share it! :cD

  5. Was pleased to find your pictures and comments about Julian. My wife and I visited there in March 2015. We found the town by our cousin Phil who lives in Poway, Our goal that day was Apple Pie. lol