Friday, July 17, 2015

Oregon Wrap Up

The last post was getting a bit long, so I saved some for here.  The best thing about staying in Hammond was the close proximity to a couple of bike trails.  We pumped up the tires and rode right from the RV park.

We really enjoyed the paved trails in Fort Stevens State Park.

The trails were on Google Maps, so I picked a loop of about 8 miles.  I know that's nothing to real bicyclists, but it was enough for us.

And now we can say we actually used the bikes instead of just carrying them around all summer.

We ate our snack at Fort Stevens, but didn't explore it.  I do know that it was built in 1863 to guard the the mouth of the Columbia River.

Interesting note - In June 1942, a Japanese submarine surfaced and fired 17 shells, making Fort Stevens the only military installation in the continental United States to come under enemy fire during World War II.  The fort was decommissioned in 1947.

Now for statistics for our trip through Oregon.  We drove a total of 369 miles in the RV (and who knows how many in the car.)  We spent 29 nights at an average cost of $10.03 a night.  That's much better than the $16.07 per night in California.  But I think we can do even better in Washington.


  1. I'm impressed with your nightly costs, even the $16 you paid in California is peanuts to what we have to pay per night here. Oregon looks very similar to here, looking forward to Washington

  2. Oregon coast looks really awesome...not bad prices either!

  3. Looking for some bike paths here so we can also say we used them and not just carried them. Thought we found a place today, but it's so short that it wouldn't be worth taking the bikes out since we would have to wheel them up a steep hill first. The search continues.

  4. I don't think I'll even look at our average daily RV park rate for this summer. You (and maybe even I) would be appalled. Back when we volunteered a large part of the year, we only paid $9 a night.

  5. That's an amazing per night total. You have to give me lessons! :c)