Sunday, July 12, 2015


One of our favorite places to stay along the Oregon coast is the Port of Tillamook RV Park. It's just our kind of park with widely-spaced sites, no trees to get in the way, and only $10 a night.  Of course, there are no amenities, except a couple of water faucets.  We stayed for six days!

I had just been congratulating Ron for picking the west coast route for this summer.  It seems the rest of the country has been either unusually hot or wet. Other than the coastal fog, we have been pretty happy.  Highs every day are in the high 60s with the nightly lows in the 50s.  Our luck ran out in Tillamook where it was cloudy most of the time.

On the only day that was decent, we drove the Cape Meares loop.  First up was Cape Meares lighthouse, Oregon's shortest at 38 feet.

You can go up it, but why?  The view isn't going to change.

From there, we drove south along the coast, passing some cute towns and enjoying the views, but my ultimate goal was Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City.

Home of the world-famous dory boats.  These flat-bottomed boats enter and exit the water right from the beach.  We just missed seeing this one land - quite a sight as they motor towards the beach, then pick up the motor to slide up on the sand.

These are hard-working fishermen and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that one boat owner wasn't amused when I said I missed his landing and asked if he could do it again.  I did find a YouTube video of the process - first the launching, then the landing.  I like the kid yelling, "What the heck." at the beginning.

The second boat seems to have an inboard motor.  I think that might be cheating.  

We made one last stop to take the short, very short, hike to Munson Creeks Falls through 
some more of that green Oregon woods.

The water tumbles 319 feet, but is hard to see through the trees.


  1. Im just as impressed by the Bronco that didnt get washed out to sea during the launch!
    I think you did pick the perfect Summer vacation! Awesome waterfall!! Is that CG typical of the ones along the Oregon coast?

  2. I hope you bought some cheese in Tillamook. Their white cheddar is wonderful.

  3. Just seeing the name Tillamook makes my mouth water for cheese curds. My favorite at the cheese factory. :c)

  4. I always think cheese when I see the word Tillamook and I don't eat cheese. You made the most of your one day of sunshine.

  5. You do find some nice hikes through lush green forests.

  6. Highs in the 60's every day?? It was almost 90 here earlier and now we're having a severe thunderstorm. You guys are living the life, I'd take all that fog any day!