Wednesday, September 9, 2015


After posting about our stay in the Denver area, I thought of a few more things to share.  First of all, lest you think we totally ignored the two older grandchildren, we also spent some time with them.

Adam is a junior in high school and plays on the varsity soccer team.   We attended two of his games while we were there,  It's so interesting to see how the boys have improved over the years.  It seems like just yesterday when they were randomly kicking the ball all over the field.  Now they have controlled passes and goals that are the result of planning instead of just luck.  Adam also has his own lawn cutting business and works hard to earn spending money which is even more important now that he's driving.

We also got to watch one of Shannon's gymnastics practices.  I am always amazed by her ability, especially since I could never do any of that.  She seems to be a natural and makes it look so easy.  At 13, she hasn't gone through her growth spurt yet and I wonder if that will make it more difficult for her.  She's also into volleyball, but we didn't get to see that.

When we moved into our space at Bear Creek Lake Park, Ron immediately went to work.  He noticed a tree sprouting and, noting the lack of trees in the campground, decided to help it along.  He erected a stake to keep the groundskeepers from running over it and asked future campers to water it.

As he was digging the hole for the post, the campground host came by.  I wondered if he would be upset, but seemed fine with what Ron was doing.  We'll see how the tree fares the next time we stay there.

And we had an adventure with the photo booth at the wedding reception.  I  had never seen that before but the guests were encouraged to utilize it and make a memory page for the bride and groom.  Ron and I were just totally lost which resulted in this mess.

In our defense, you had to look up at the camera while the computer screen below did a countdown.  How is that possible?  However all the other photo strips that we saw were perfect, so obviously we are just hopeless.  (BTW, we didn't purposely duck out of the last one.  We really thought it had taken all four.)

Everybody knows that kids say the cutest things, so I have one story to share about Harper.  At 3 1/2, he had his first half-day at pre-school while we were there, so I asked him what he had learned.  I expected a quiet "Nothing" or "I don't know."  But Harper surprised me by stating very definitely, "I have NO idea!"


  1. I remember photo booths like that when I was much younger, but never at a wedding. What did you do on your memory page?

  2. Read your last paragraph to Marcia as she was eating our nightly treat (frozen fruit with tonic water lightly poured over it)....she was just taking a bite when I got to the part of "I have NO idea"....I thought her computer screen was going to have to be cleaned off!

  3. I don't think we would have fared well with the photo booth either ... I know we didn't the first time we tried to use one ;-) Young kids seem to be full of unexpected gems ... I know my nephew when asked what he was doing digging in the garden said, he was working so he could earn money to buy shoes ;-)) He was all of 3-4 at the time.

  4. Love the photo strip my sisters and I tried to get 3 photos for the price of one by the time I got in the seat as the 3rd one I was cracking up was like sit, snap, swoosh out, dash in, sit, snap, zoom out, then in for me and I LOST it so mine is with my mouth wide open laughing and laugh tears coming down my cheeks!!
    Good Job Ron on the tree hope it makes it!! I will look for thew trail you mentioned at Dino NM.

  5. I just showed this to Jim- we can't stop laughing over the photo booth story. Too funny! You shouldn't have admitted that all the others you saw were perfect!
    Enjoyed our hike and lunch today by the way.

  6. Ok, fess up. How many celebratory drinks did you have before your time in the photo booth??? :cD