Monday, September 7, 2015

Family Time

For the past eight days, we've been in the Denver area spending time with Ron's family.  Most of the time we stayed in Bear Creek Lake Park, a lovely place with widely-spaced, electric sites for $20 a night ($19 for us old people.)  In true Colorado fashion, the clouds rolled in most afternoons.

We timed our visit to coincide with three major events.  The first was Ron's youngest granddaughter's first birthday.  Elsie was pretty good at opening our present, but big brother Harper was happy to give his expert help.

She seemed to immediately love her princess car, but she wasn't too sure about me.

Later the same day, Harper brought out his car which Ron gave him 2 1/2 years ago for his first birthday and he and Elsie rode together.  Too cute.

The second event was a wedding - one of Ron's grandnieces Amber.  Here's some of Ron's family in the lobby of the reception location.

In the back row are son-in-law Tom, daughter Kim, grandson Adam (who shot up about nine inches since a year ago), son Jim, Ron, and me, with sweet granddaughter Shannon in the front.

Although Elsie stayed home with a babysitter, Harper attended with his mom and dad, Kelli and Sean.

Harper was such a good boy during the Catholic Mass and ceremony.  His parents were very proud of him.

The ceremony and reception were lovely.  Amber and Drayton are a perfect match in so many ways.

Interesting fact - The happy couple met when they became ballroom dance partners and were Teenage World Ballroom Dance Champions.  As you can imagine, we were treated to the best 'first dance' ever!

The final event was little Elsie's blowout birthday party, a few days after her actual birthday.  She's getting four teeth all at once and wasn't as friendly as I understand she normally is.

Here she is in her party duds, still giving me that look.

She was pretty happy as long as Mommy or Daddy were near.

Princess Elsie wasn't too happy about that party hat.  Look at the fabulous cupcake dress that Auntie Kim and cousin Shannon made for her.

Did somebody say 'cake'?

It looks like both Harper and Elsie are anticipating something tasty.

Harper really is a good big brother.  Here he was giving her a kiss, although she looks unsure of his intentions.

Harper and his friend Logan were very helpful opening Elsie's presents.

After Harper and Logan bashed the heck out of the pinata, it was discovered that the kids just had to pull those ribbons and the bottom came open.

One last picture of some of Ron's family - daughter Kelli (holding granddog Lucy,) son Jim, Ron, son-in-law Sean holding granddaughter Elsie, and, of course, grandson Harper in front.

We've had a wonderful time here.  In fact, it seems strange to be leaving tomorrow.  We'll certainly miss them all.


  1. Looks like a great reunion, love the pink cupcakes!! We had a lot of rain over the past 2 days hope today will be clear I have to go see a dentist today..UGH---then head out of this area on Thursday if the tooth is okay. Safe travels!

  2. You sure kept busy during your family time.

  3. What adorable baby/small child photos. The older family members are pretty good looking, too. Looks like a great time.

  4. Nice looking family! I heard a rumor you may be in Salida today. If you're hanging around a few days maybe we can get together?