Friday, August 28, 2015

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

And sometimes bunnies.  We made a one night stop in Kaycee, WY, at their city park.  It's a tiny town but it does have a claim to fame.  Rodeo star and country singer Chris Ledoux moved to a ranch in Kaycee upon retirement from his rodeo career.  I have to confess that I had only heard of him because Garth Brooks mentioned him in a song.

They had a nice little park in Chris's memory who died way too young at 56 leaving his wife and five children.

In 1976, he rode Stormy Weather in Oklahoma City to win the World's Bareback Championship.

Walking around, we noticed that the town seems to be overrun with bunnies.  I guess there are worse things.

Can you see the bunny in this picture?

How about here?

We left Bunnyville, moved on to Glendo State Park, and scored a great spot where we could watch the deer and antelope come down to the lake for a cooling drink.  The two days we spent there were the hottest we experienced all summer, both above 90.

But we were tucked in the trees and thoroughly enjoyed watching the white pelicans, great blue herons, cormorants, western grebes, goldeneye duck (only one,) and several kinds of gulls.

We were on a small arm of a much bigger lake.

Strangely enough, there was one area with really red soil.  It seemed unusual because all the rest was white.

At dusk on our second evening, the ranger came and told us we had to move because we were not parked in a legal spot.  Oops.  It seems the actual site was the tiny pull off on the road although there were definite vehicle tracks leading to where we parked.  Funny it took him so long to find us when there was only one other RV in the 350 or so sites around the lake.

The next morning we took a quick trip to the dam before moving on.  The North Platte River makes a pretty picture on its way to the next reservoir down stream.


  1. Thankfully that ranger didn't write you a ticket. You guys are such criminals parking in an undesignated spot. :cD

  2. Good for you. I know who Garth Brooks is, but I don't think I've ever heard him sing. I would have been totally lost in that town.

  3. That's a really beautiful campground! We drove alongside the N. Platte when we entered Colorado...and saw some white pelicans--LOL had to laugh at your parking in the wrong spot when 300 were available cause I did the same thing in NC, and it also took the ranger a day to find us...wonder if they were hoping we would move on our own?

  4. Those bunnies sure are well camouflaged.

  5. Too many bunnies mean a shortage of hawks and coyotes I wonder?